Your Favorite Blogs from 2017

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Check out the top blogs from 2017. It’s always exciting to see what kinds of content were popular and helped our users the most. This year, our educational articles reigned king.

If you have any suggestions for future blogs or have questions about DNS, drop us a line on Twitter or send us an email.

#1 Authoritative vs Recursive DNS Servers: What’s the Difference

This is actually our most popular blog of all time, with five times as many hits as our #2 blog. We recently updated the article with new graphics and more background into how these servers fit into the whole DNS resolution process.

#2 What is DNS Monitoring and Why Do I Need It?

Learn about the different kinds of DNS monitoring services and how they can help you improve load times on a global scale.

#3 Understanding DNS Traffic

Your questions answered: How do I identify a DNS attack? How can I reduce my query usage?Where is my traffic coming from?

#4 Does DNS Affect SEO?

TLDR; it does, quite a lot. We’ll show you why you need to care about DNS and how you can leverage a managed DNS service to actually improve your SEO over time.

#5 How Does DNS Failover Work?

Check out the inner workings of our most popular feature, DNS Failover.

#6 Risks of Using Your Registrar’s DNS

This may be the most asked question from new customers. Learn the advantages of managed DNS and avoid the risks using your registrar.

#7 Coming Soon: [insert feature you want here]

We enlisted our clients to help us decide what features to add next! We saw an overwhelming number of responses that have helped us shape our roadmap for the coming year (more on this soon).

#8 TTL Best Practices: the Long and Short of It

A TTL (or Time to Live) is a crucial setting in every DNS record… and yet, it is rarely talked about. If you are guilty of using the default TTL for your records, you need to read this.

#9 Reverse DNS: the Secret Behind Email Marketing Deliverability

Reverse DNS is the biggest deliverability killer, as almost all mail servers use this method to verify incoming domains. We are going to show you how to set up reverse DNS in just 5 steps with DNS Made Easy.

#10 Scared to Migrate to a Cloud DNS Provider? Fear Not!

Our team addresses the common myths and concerns associated with moving your domains to the cloud.

Originally published at DNS Made Easy Blog.

Learn more about the Domain Name System (it’s not as hard as you may think), we post new blogs and educational infographics every week.

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