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Top 6 trends every admin should be ready for </2016> <2017>…

#1 It’s Getting Cloudier

Over the next year, our experts predict that more top brands will make the switch to cloud-based DNS, or use a cloud DNS provider for their secondary DNS services. This kind of hybrid DNS setup has become increasingly popular amongst top brands who were reluctant to move all of their traffic over to the cloud. By using a cloud DNS solution as a secondary DNS service, traffic will be divided between both in-house and outsourced infrastructure for increased performance and redundancy.

#2 DNS for CDN’s

Not too long ago, DNS Made Easy reinvented the DNS record specifically for CDN’s called ANAME records. This new record type is able to mimic CNAME functionality at the root level, revolutionizing the way DNS zones can be configured.


#3 Integrated Monitoring

“We anticipate that over the next year integrated monitoring will become an industry standard for all traffic management services. Rather than using monitoring for determining whether a site is simply up or down, and it will become an integral asset for assessing performance and determining the best possible route,” says Founder of Tiggee Steven Job.

#4 The Rise of ITOS


#5 Granularity

Over the next year, we anticipate that there will be a rapid growth of smaller companies, like startups and small businesses beginning to adopt these tactics. As with most high-level DNS services, granular targeting is usually only accessible to large enterprise companies because it requires vast amounts of infrastructure.


#6 Double Down on DNS


2016 saw record-breaking DNS-based attacks and outages, which thrust DNS management into the spotlight as both a vulnerability and a critical asset. In the wake of the attacks, clients were concerned about the uptime and security of their domains. As we saw in October, even large DNS providers are vulnerable to attacks. In the weeks after the outage, dozens of large brands moved portions of their query traffic over to a secondary DNS provider. This is the tried and true, best way to ensure 100% uptime for your domains — even if your primary provider is downed.

Over the next few months, our team will be monitoring the top domains very carefully as we are anticipating a large spike in the adoption of secondary DNS services. As of this month, we found a 5% increase in top domains adding a secondary provider. By Q2 2017, we believe this number will triple and will also see a rise in large domains outsourcing their DNS to a cloud-based DNS provider.

Originally published at DNS Made Easy News.

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