New Study: Increased Revenue Attributed to DNS Performance

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New DNS Made Easy study shows that clients who switched to DNS Made Easy saw improved DNS performance and increased revenue.

In the past, DNS Made Easy studies have found a direct link between lower DNS resolution times and increased conversions. To follow up on these results, DNS Made Easy researchers surveyed clients that have recently switched to DNS Made Easy from another provider or in-house network. Respondents included clients that used DNS Made Easy as either their primary or secondary provider.

The study found that 92% of clients that were using DNS Made Easy as their only provider had noticed lower resolution times across multiple vantage points shortly after migrating. Of those that saw improved performance, 74% reported a noticeable increase in revenue.

Third party studies have shown that as page load times decrease, conversions and revenue increase.

According to Google, 53% of users will abandon a site or web page if it doesn’t load within three seconds.

Of those three seconds, 50% of the load time can be attributed to network overhead –which includes DNS requests.

“We are committed to showing how DNS is not only an important factor in maintaining uptime, but can actually boost overall performance, and contribute to more revenue,” says President of DNS Made Easy Steven Job.

DNS is often overlooked as it is a thirty-year-old protocol and most Internet users never become aware of its impact until it stops working. Traffic management has made huge strides in the past few years thanks to the cloud, and can now drastically improve the performance of domains on a global scale.

Over the past few months, some of our newly acquired clients have shared their results on social media.

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Shared by @wetickets via Twitter

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Shared by @indiealexh via Twitter

As you can see, DNS performance changed almost instantly after clients migrated their domains over to DNS Made Easy.

Here is another before and after screen, courtesty of Brian Jackson at Woorkup. Who also wrote a very detailed and well researched review of the top DNS providers before he ultimately moved over to DNS Made Easy.

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In the past, surveys were limited to clients that only used DNS Made Easy for their DNS hosting. However, new industry trends have led to the inclusion of brands that use DNS Made Easy as one of multiple providers.

In light of recent attacks on major DNS providers, many top brands have added a Secondary DNS provider. Of the multi-vendor clients, 86% of respondents reported that they had seen a decrease in resolution times on a global scale. Of those that saw increased performance, 79% reported a noticeable increase in revenue.

DNS Made Easy research has shown in the past that when a client uses more than one provider they are more likely to see decreased resolution times on a global scale. Queries are distributed across both providers and the resolving name server will favor the better performing provider at that site and send it more traffic.

Since DNS Made Easy is the fastest provider in the industry (according to third party monitoring firms) adding DNS Made Easy as a secondary provider is likely to increase the performance of clients’ domains.

About DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy is a subsidiary of Tiggee, and is a world leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. DNS Made Easy implemented the industry’s first triple independent Anycast cloud architecture for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. Originally launched in 2002, DNS Made Easy’s services have grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 30 billion queries per day. Today, DNS Made Easy builds on a proud history of uptime and is the preferred DNS hosting choice for most major brands, especially companies that compare price and performance of enterprise IP Anycast alternatives.

Originally published at DNS Made Easy News.

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