Network Monitoring is Moving to Mobile

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If you’re a sys admin or network manager, you know the pain of sifting through monitoring alerts. It can become inundating at times, trying to find the select few that are actually important. Not to mention that awful feeling when you ignore the one alert that actually mattered.

But monitoring is about to change in a big way. As websites move to mobile markets, the tools that monitor them must also follow. Technology is beginning to merge with the way we lives our lives, on the go, not tethered to a desktop on high traffic days. It has now become critical that sys admins are able to check up on their systems no matter where they are, regardless of their device.

Everyone has been in that pickle where you get a phone call or email about a weird latency in the network… but you don’t have access to a computer, so you can’t actually see what’s going on, let alone make changes to fix the issues.

This is all about to change, because monitoring solutions have gone mobile. Now you can maintain eyes on your network no matter where you are. The engineers at Constellix are pioneers in the networking industry, striving to bridge the gap between traditional DNS management with cloud solutions built for a mobile world.

In case you didn’t know, the same developers who created DNS Made Easy engineered Constellix. While the full suite is still in beta, the developers have released a free mobile app to give users a taste of Constellix monitoring. The app, Sonar Lite, is free for both iOS and Android users and helps users to monitor their domains no matter where they are.

But Sonar Lite is only the beginning. Constellix Sonar will combine monitoring with custom alerts, built for teams. You can use Sonar either from your desktop or mobile device using the app. You can even make instantly propagated fixes to your networks from your smartphone using either Constellix DNS for the web or the app (coming soon), allowing for complete mobility for sys admins.

If you want to learn more about what the Constellix suite can offer you, check out And if you’re a DNS Made Easy member, you can actually test-drive the suite for free, just use your DNSME login credentials.

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