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  • Evan Lucas

    Evan Lucas

    CTO at Help.com, Node.js TSC Emeritus

  • Reviewments


    Join us while we visit the net and ReViewment products and services.... our website https:// reviewments.club

  • Daniel Gotilla

    Daniel Gotilla

    Husband, Father, Life-long Student, Technology Product Manager/Owner. (He/Him)

  • Jonathan Tarud

    Jonathan Tarud

    Founder @koombea, passionate about lean startup, fresh sushi and shiny new gadgets.

  • Emil Indricau

    Emil Indricau

    Digital #Marketing Specialist & #Ecommerce Consultant at @DigitalStrada https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilindricau/

  • Charles McKee

    Charles McKee

  • John Wegis

    John Wegis

    Interests: coding, eating, cooking, gardening, gaming, traveling education, and parenting.

  • Bill Mathews

    Bill Mathews

    Dad, maker, infosec, Splunk, bigish data, comics, geek stuff,dog person,thought thinker. Just because I retweet it doesn't mean i believe, endorse or like it

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