DNS Made Easy Has Created a 2020 Holiday DNS Checklist for your Network

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With the 2020 holidays quickly approaching, we have already entered the shopping season. This year’s retail sales were expected to show a 3.5 percent to 4.1 percent growth in sales, as reported by NRF (National Retail Federation). Despite 2020’s uncertain times, including the lingering trade war, coronavirus, and the presidential election, NRF predicted over a $3.9 trillion increase in retail sales during 2020.

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This prediction was made back in February of 2020 and import statistics have supported this prediction and have seen the busiest “peak seasons” on record. NRF has reported that retailers have replenished inventories and stocked up for the holiday shopping season. Hackett Associates Founder Ben Hackett said, “As we near the end of a difficult year in terms of health, trade and politics, we have witnessed record-breaking statistics that have been virtually unpredictable.” Hackett continued, “Imports hit all-time highs this summer and online shopping did the same.”

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Ready or not — it’s here. Now, we have two options, throw ourselves on the floor and kick and scream like a child who dropped their candy cane on the ground, or carve out a little bit of time to make some proactive DNS management preparations. Nonetheless, we have you covered with a holiday DNS checklist.

We have created a checklist to make sure you are ready today. Inhale…exhale…we’ll get through this together. Once you’ve checked off this list, you’ll feel much better that you did, rather than procrastinating some more.

DNS Made Easy Holiday Checklist
DNS Made Easy Holiday Checklist
  • Making a DNS checklist and checking it twice
    No need to worry about missing something on your to-do list this year (or any subsequent year, for that matter); leave everything to us. At DNS Made Easy, we understand that even one minute is precious. Several minutes can feel like hours when it comes to lost revenue due to downtime. Understanding that a single minute of downtime can result in a loss of up to $100,000, several of our customers use DNS Failover to ensure their sites stay up and accessible at all times. DNS Failover routes traffic to other IP addresses in the event of regional outages, which means you don’t have to go around the house to make sure that all of your doors are locked anymore. Once you have your network configured in our dashboard, we’ll handle it from there.
  • Naughty or nice list
    Make sure that end users who are visiting your site are on the nice list. You most definitely don’t want those who are on the naughty list making their way through. Use Global Traffic Director as your “transformer” to optimize your traffic flow, which is more than meets the eye. This service directs end-user queries to the nameserver closest to their region. Not only do they receive speedy responses, but Global Traffic Director can be used with DNS Failover to ensure all those on the naughty list leave with nothing but a bag of coal.
  • Special nights with candlelight While the most wonderful time of the year can be quite stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Shave down stressors and let our services work for you. Templates, Global Traffic Director, and other unique, categorical features — and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility)
    Our team of industry experts have knuckled down to create services that make DNS Made Easy the best DNS-management option. Plus, we are here to support you every step of the way. Our goal is to make your job easier.
  • Jingle all the way
    Go ahead, splurge on yourself too. The temptation is all too real when you’re shopping for the holidays. It’s alright to spend a little on yourself as a reward for a job well done. Not only will you be spending less per month and driving more revenue from a positive user experience, you will also save money with 100% domain uptime. You’ll have a nice amount racked up, so your pockets can jingle all the way to your choice of virtual checkouts.
  • Fill your home with the smell of freshly baked cookies
    OK, so maybe this has nothing to do with DNS preparation for the influx of holiday traffic that your domain will be seeing, but who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked cookies? I bet you’re craving some right now.
  • Spin the dreidel
    Always land on the gimel to take the pot. Using DNS Made Easy services is not a gamble. We vow to be transparent with our prices so that our customers know exactly what they are paying for. Some DNS-management providers do not publicly list their prices. We aim for transparency and list our prices. That way, you know what to expect and are not excluded from any reindeer games.
  • And to all a good night…
    With our DNS Failover service, we make sure that your site and web services are always accessible, even through the busiest of seasons. Let us help protect and manage your domain so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

With 71% of US adults expected to do more than half of their holiday shopping digitally this year and many major retailers closing their doors on Thanksgiving Day to reduce crowds due to the pandemic, uptime and security is our priority. DNS Made Easy prides itself on a 19-year 100% uptime history.
Your time is up, and your domain will be too, as long as you follow this holiday DNS checklist and call DNS Made Easy today.

Learn more about the Domain Name System (it’s not as hard as you may think), we post new blogs and educational infographics every week.

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