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We are now in the middle of the 2020 online holiday shopping season. We want to make sure that you maintain some sanity during these busy times. We decided to share some tips and tricks that you can use to make your work life easier!

Here are 12 Days of DNS tips for your digital stockings:

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12 Days of DNS Tips:

  1. When choosing your DNS management vendor, choose the one that has the infrastructure and services designed solely for DNS management and nothing else. That way you know that your users are answered fast and reliably every time your domain is queried. We make DNS that is easy!
  2. Use real-time logs to analyze traffic patterns to correlate with your traffic-generating projects or service-impacting changes in your network infrastructure.
  3. Since CNAME records cannot be used at the root level of a domain, use ANAME records to point the root to a CDN (content delivery network) hostname or even to multiple hostnames.
  4. Utilize API calls to view, create, modify, and apply domain templates, and programmatically perform other core functions.
  5. Configure a backup CDN provider to have site traffic rerouted in the event of an outage so your services are the fastest and remain online 100% of the time.
  6. Did you know that you can use your own data and metrics with our Traffic Steering solution? Just upload a JSON file and set up your API calls and metrics and you can fully customize how your networks are monitored.
  7. Did you know that you can utilize Sonar to failover between A to CNAME records failover by converting your IP address into a hostname?
  8. Round robin is faster than software load balancers because it operates at the DNS level. Use it in conjunction with Failover to ensure end users are sent to healthy servers with the best speeds for their query.
  9. Create record templates that can be applied to multiple domains at once to speed up the domain creation process. And, any change you make to the template will be applied to all domains using that template as well. Use Sonar Network Monitoring to automatically detect any performance changes and redirect traffic to the nearest and healthiest resources.
  10. Enhance your Failover configurations with record pools. This will rotate queries through different endpoints upon each request. Record pools can also be customized and used with round robin failover configuration
  11. Use IP filters to block specific IP addresses or by state or region to circumvent suspicious activity and prevent unwanted traffic to your domains.

And there you have it. Twelve days of DNS all wrapped up in a nice neat package — and with a shiny bow! These tips will help get you through the busy holiday season. They are gifts that last all year long and keep your DNS secure and strong!

We’ve included an extra treat to go with your holiday milk and cookies. From our DNS Made Easy and Constellix family to yours.

For information on Constellix or DNS Made Easy products and services contact us. Our specialists will be happy to discuss your specific needs and work with you to find the perfect DNS solutions for your business.

Learn more about the Domain Name System (it’s not as hard as you may think), we post new blogs and educational infographics every week.

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